We are a proud set of people, we Jamaicans. We do speak English and we also teach it. But our main dialect is Patios, it is pronounced PATWA. The Jamaican Patios is a mix of various African dialects, Spanish, French, Irish, Scottish and English. Our Flag?? colors are Black, Green and Gold. Black for the people, Green for the Land and Gold for the sunshine. Jamaica is a small Island,

Wi likkle but wi taalawah

– Jamaican people and Miss. Lou

This means, we are a small nation of fighters but we are lovers first. Jamaica is the home of the fastest man in the world. His name is Usain Bolt, along with many other famous athletes. Our Island is in the tropics, the Caribbean, so you know it hot but we beat the US in Bob Sledding. We complete in Surfing, oh yeah, the beaches, that’s where I grew up. Bull Bay Surf camp pump out a lot of surfers taught by Billie Wilmot, oh yea, he was a world champion too. We have the hottest music in the world, Dance Hall and Reggae, yes, we are proud people. Our women are very beautiful, extremely pretty, but they will break your heart in the blink of an eye.  

We will season our foods with Jerk Sauce, we call it Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, to name a few, just don’t eat manish wata in the light, eat it in the dark. They use all of the goat, like literally, every part of the goat, dem nuh waste nothing, to make that soup, but it is sweet and delicious. We love coconut water, music and we sure love to dance. Our music is hard to keep up with, it changes every month, so every month there is a new beat, new dance and a new song. We are also the founders of Hip Hop, you can ask Dj Kool Herc, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Heavy D just to name a small few, are all Jamaicans.  
My culture is big in Christianity but I am not with it. There are also the medicine man and woman, they call them Obeah Man (VooDoo) so watch out for girls in the country. If you break their hearts, they will throw a hex on you. But Obeah is really for Spiritual healing. I grew up next to some Bobo Dreads, excuse me, Bobo Ashanti to be correct and show respect. They once told me that dread is something evil, which they are not. Rastafarians is a tribe that preaches peace, love and understanding. They worship with marijuana; we call it ganja or weed. The Rastas look up to The Emperor Haile Selassie as the second coming of Christ.  

Bob Marley and the Wailers is one of our famous groups that took Reggae music around the world. You might have heard of them, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Ritta Marley, Bunny Wailer. They sang songs like “One Love,” “No Woman No Cry” and many more. Oh yea, there was Third World, Black Uhuru to name a few and many other reggae artists too that took us around the world. Jr Reid, Shaba, Yellow Man, Shaggy, Vibez Kartel. Some sing about love others sings about being Bad Man, like real Bad Man and smoking weed. Oh yea, how could I forget sex, Bedroom Bully, Ramping Shop just to name two, there are a lot of songs about sex. We love us some sex on that island. As a woman, you might run into Joe Grind, you will hear it in our songs sung by women and men. You will even see sex in the way we dance. Then those one day christians will head off to church the very next day. 

Jamaicans are hustlers, some day you will meet one of us around the world. Look at that, you met me! We love to sell and trade, there are ninjas there too, watch your pockets in the street or on the bus, when the people catch a thief, they are not calling the cops/ police, that thief is getting his ass beat in the streets.  When we want to relax and chill with family and friends, a nice came of Dominos or Loodie can be seen played at family get togethers. Now it might sound like they are fighting when they are winning the game. That’s because we are competitive and passionate at what we do, so those games will get loud but there will be some Red Stripe Beer to cool it all back down. But come to Jamaica, we will feed you, protect you, show you love, smoke weed with you and you have a good time. Trust dat!

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