Ethical Biases

Ethical Biases in AI

Table of contents Introduction We all know that humans are biased creatures. We tend to judge people based on various factors like gender, race, or even their choice of pizza toppings (pineapple lovers, I’m looking at you). But now, thanks […]



The legendary Yasuke Yasuke was not a slave in the traditional sense of the term. He was brought to Japan with the Jesuit missionaries. The historical record is not entirely clear on the exact nature of Yasuke’s arrival in Japan. […]


Moorish conquest of Italy

The Moors were North African Berber and Arab Muslim peoples who established several kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula (modern-day Spain and Portugal) in the 8th century. They also extended their influence into Italy, particularly in the southern regions where they […]


Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa was a 14th-century ruler of the Mali Empire in West Africa. He is widely regarded as the wealthiest individual in history, with his wealth largely derived from the empire’s vast resources, including gold and salt mines. 1312-1337: Early […]